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    The Future of Property Prices & Rents in the South East

    The Future of Property Prices & Rents in the South East

    The Future of Property Prices and Rents in the South East
    HartColeman are established estate agents, Hailsham, however we have had many clients raise concerns with us as to the future of property prices in the South East. With much uncertainty still surrounding Brexit and the stability of the pound, many people are confused as to the future of property prices, and rents, in the South East. Brexit has not been the only change in recent years, with the introduction of Stamp Duty on Buy to Let (second properties), causing us to question how property sales and how rents would be affected.
    However, property reports have shown an extremely positive start to the year, and according to Your Move house price index, the price of a typical house in England has surpassed £300,000. It has shown prices to be up 0.3% from December, and a rise of 3.1% from last January. Premium postcodes in London have seen a stagnation of activity, largely due to the Stamp Duty change, however the weak Pound is now attracting foreign buyers back to keenly purchase property.
    As Hailsham Estate Agents, we have seen no slowing down and buyer activity is as busy as ever. If you have been looking through Estate Agents Eastbourne you will see that there are plenty of properties for sale and the prices have levelled out and are no longer increasingly rapidly. So, it is still deemed a good time to buy, and sell, despite Britain's uncertain future.
    As for renters, letting agents in Eastbourne will show you that there is plenty of choice around for renting, and the Stamp Duty on second 'Buy to Let' homes hasn't had a great impact on the amount of homes available for rent in Eastbourne or Hailsham. For would be landlords, house prices are stable and there are many bargains to be had for investment and letting purposes. As letting agents, Hailsham, we encourage you to look at what we have available for rent.
    So, if you are looking for Estate Agents Hailsham, or Estate Agents Eastbourne, HartColeman have you covered. We have a good selection of properties for sale and for rent in the area, and are confident that the future is a positive one for property prices in the South East. We have the knowledge and the experience to advise anyone looking to buy or sell property in Hailsham or Eastbourne, so please get in touch and see how we can help you.
    By: HartColeman|Date: 15 02 2017