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  • 01 10 2015 News
    Estate Agents Eastbourne | Eastbourne house prices on the rise.

    Estate Agents Eastbourne | Eastbourne house prices on the...

    If you are looking for estate agents in Eastbourne, then it is more than likely that you are thinking of either selling or buying a property in the Eastbourne area. In terms of selling your home, Eastbourne property prices are on the rise, with the location attracting more buyers than ever at the moment. This in turn means that it is in fact an excellent time to sell, as properties are selling for good prices around or above their valuation. Estate agents in Eastbourne have noticed an influx of interested buyers to the area, and cannot see this changing for the near future.

    Eastbourne is not only popular with those who enjoy holidays and short breaks in the idyllic seaside town, including some of Wimbledon's sports stars in the run up to the tournament, but many have a desire to move here on a permanent basis. A place once regarded as a pensioner's paradise, the small town of Eastbourne is seeing an increase in young families flocking to the area as it boasts clean living and good schools. Many families are reported to be taking their London budget and moving from the city down to Eastbourne for a more laid back and family friendly way of life.

    Asking prices on houses soared to a new high last month across the whole country, and so this is more than a promising sign for anyone selling their home in the South East of England. If you are considering selling your home in Eastbourne, then as has been discussed, now is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the high property prices and abundance of incomers looking to relocate to Eastbourne. Eastbourne Estate Agents.
    By: C hart|Date: 01 10 2015